In an Effort to Combat Coronavirus, Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology Succeeds in Locally Manufacturing 3D Anti-Microbial Medical Tools

Pursuant to the scientists’ role towards humanity and E-JUST’s keenness to harness all its research and laboratory capabilities to contribute to fighting COVID-19, taking into consideration the urgent need to obtain anti-microbial medical shields, especially with the lack of a curing vaccine, an E-JUST research team, led by Prof. Ahmed Saad Khalil, a professor at the Material Science and Engineering Department in E-JUST’s School of Innovative Design Engineering submitted a research proposal with a 12-month action plan to the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology under the program ‘Apply your Idea’ with the title: “Local Manufacturing of 3D Anti-Microbial Medical Tools”. The research proposal was well-received by the committee concerned with its scientific and technical evaluation. Its funding was approved, and the team recommended providing all the required support to carry out the project because of its strong returns to enrich knowledge in the fields of material science in general and the applications of 3D printers in particular, through its execution it in a field-applicable manner using easy local manufacturing. The project aims to benefit from the expertise of the carefully selected research team and the modern equipment available at the University in integrating materials that are friendly to the natural environment and materials which have obtained a license from the World Food and Drug Organization for human use in varying proportions. The product should have technical standards in terms of hardness, printability in 3D and medical standards concerning its ability to prevent the multiplication of microbes and control of bacteria and viruses. One of the most important outputs of the proposal is the local manufacturing of raw materials used in 3D printers instead of importing them and developing the components of the molds to obtain medical properties that combat the spread of infection. Manufacturing will be in the form of a medical eye protector, a medical face cover and parts for a ventilator. Believing in the necessity of concerted efforts from various fields, Prof. Ahmed Saad Khalil was keen to put together a team which includes individuals from different backgrounds, such as business administration and the medical field. The project includes individuals from Fayoum University and Kafr El-Sheikh University, which strengthens the spirit of cooperation between E-JUST and various Egyptian universities.