Information and Figures.. 16 Facts About E-JUST

Al-Youm Al-Sabea Electronic Website
Thursday July 11th, 2019
Information and Figures.. 16 Facts About E-JUST

After inaugurating the new permanent headquarters, “Al-You Al-Sabea” electronic website publishes 16 facts about Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) and its law provisions. It is established by a republican decree as a public facility of a special nature. It was stated that E-JUST is not a member of the Supreme Council of Universities. Nonetheless, E-JUST is subject to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHESR).

  1. E-JUST signed the cooperation bilateral agreement between both Egyptian and Japanese governments in March 2009.
  2. E-JUST is a public educational facility of a special nature governed by Presidential Decree No. 132 of the year 2014. In addition, Prime Minister Law, issued in 2015; to organize the University’s work regulations.
  3. A Board of Trustees (Boot) composed of 20 prominent figures from both Egyptian and Japanese sides set the University by-laws and regulations. E-JUST BoT is chaired by H.E. Ambassador Faiza Abou ElNagga.
  4. E-JUST received its first batch of postgraduate students in February 2010. The University welcomed postgraduate students in 2017 to study Engineering, Business Administration and Humanities.
  5. E-JUST accepts students, who wish to further complete their higher studies and achieve doctorate or master’s scientific degree. Students can major in in eight different Engineering disciplines, four different fields in Basic and Applied Sciences, as well as Business Administration and Humanities.
  6. E-JUST gives PhD scholars the opportunity to visit a Japanese university for six to nine months; for studying and research purposes.
  7. Since its beginning and up till this moment, the University has been able to provide the sufficient funds for its research projects by having around 41.5 million EGP in the form of scholarships from local and international research bodies.
  8. University scientists have won many prestigious scientific awards, including “Best Research Study on Industrialization” for the year 2018 in addition to the bronze medal in the fifth forum of “Cairo Innovate”.
  9. The University has 63 Faculty and 273 administrative staff members.
  10. The First phase of the new E-JUST campus, located in new Borg Al-Arab city is scheduled to be inaugurated next September 2019. The campus is built on an area of 200 acres and valued at almost 4 billion Egyptian pounds. The construction is funded by the Egyptian state budget.
  11. The Japanese government donated to E-JUST 150 million EGP; to build solar power stations and supply the University’s secondary campus its energy needs.
  12. The Japanese government contributed with almost 3 billion yen in the form of research and educational equipment for E-JUST campus laboratories.
  13. The University has graduated 247 postgraduate students, 149 PhD and 98 MSc. scholars. The postgraduate students come from different African countries: Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Cameron and Tanzania.
  14. The University has 176 enrolled postgraduate scholars, including 20 African students. At E-JUST, 144 students are enrolled in the undergraduate studies, where 35% of them are with scholarship grants.
  15. Since 2014, E-JUST has published 621 research papers in refereed journals. In addition, 948 published research papers during the participation of its scholars in international conferences.
  16. The University has registered 36 patents, three of which in the United States.