Introductory Session at Basic and Applied Science Damanhur University

On Tuesday October 15th, 2019, Faculty of Basic and Applied Science – Damanhur University held an introductory session. This session aims at introducing different postgraduate studying programs and various research possibilities of the Faculty of Science in both Egyptian and Japanese universities. Thus, creating multiple opportunities and possible future joint cooperation ties between Faculty of Science – Damanhur University and Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST). The presence included; Prof. Al-Maghrabi Mohamed – Faculty Dean and Prof. Al-Hassan Mekheimar – Postgraduate Studies and Research Faculty Dean. E-JUST guests included Prof. Ahmed Abdel Moneim – Dean of School of Basic and Applied Sciences (BAS), Prof. Mohamed Abd El-Mawgood – BAS School Biotechnology Professor and Prof. Mohsen Ghali – BAS School Physics Professor. Among the guests were also Faculty of Science professors, Faculty staff members, postgraduate students, and those who are concerned.