Kaizen Coach Candidate

Internal Vacancy Announcement

For Ejust Administrative staff only

Title: Kaizen Coach Candidate

Office: Assigned to President Office

Reporting to: Head of the President Office

Job type: Full time

Deadline for application: 22 October 2017 at 12:00 (noon).

Application documents: CV and two pages maximum (A4 size) stating your opinion and PowerPoint presentation (max. 4 slides)to be presented in 3 minutes during the interview on

Submission: the application documents to be submitted through the below application:


“Why Kaizen approach should be introduced in EJUST?”

The Vacancy is open to all administrative & technical staff of E-JUST

The selected candidates shall receive On-the-Job-Training (shadowing day-to-day management and implementation of Kaizen related activities) at E-JUST, TOT (Training of Trainer) and other training courses in Egypt and elsewhere.

The performances of the candidates shall be assessed regularly and successful ones will be nominated as future senior Kaizen Specialist(s) in EJUST.



Have reasonable command of English language (from pre-intermediate level)

Good interpersonal, communication skills & presentation skills especially “active listening skill”

Cooperative, appreciative, and positive attitude toward “team work”

Strong willingness to take on new challenges and work under difficult conditions

Strong willingness to learn new methods and adapt themselves to new conditions


Job description:

Under the overall guidance of the President of E-JUST University, technical supervision of Kaizen expert(s) of Egypt Kaizen Center, in close collaboration with Human Resources Department and other relevant departments of EJUST and operational support of the JICA expert in Training, the candidates shall be responsible for running the entire process of planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of Kaizen/QCC activities on full-time basis.


The tasks include:

Collaborate with HR team in organizing and implementing regular Kaizen Workshops (twice/month) and follow-up workshop (once/month) with related departments (ave. 9 workshops/month) as well as HR team Hansei kai (self-evaluation meeting). This include coordinating with participating admin departments & Kaizen Center to prepare monthly schedule (setting time, date and venues), sending invitations and reminders and assisting logistic arrangements
Attend all Kaizen related workshops and activities, work as a facilitator assisting Kaizen Center Expert and HR team, ensuring smooth conduct of Kaizen workshops. This include preparation of workshop monitoring reports (observation and feedback).

Assist/guide participants in roll call, note taking, fill-up evaluation report, etc. during the workshop. Then after the workshop, follow up with the participant to submit their reports on time in collaboration with HR.

Collaborate with HR and JICA expert in compiling participant’s evaluation reports, analyze the data and prepare monitoring reports.

Collaborate with HR and JICA expert in compiling facilitators’ progress and monitoring reports, learn to analyze the data and prepare reports.

Assist HR and Kaizen Center in identifying relevant training resources (training institutions, experts, courses, etc.) in Egypt and aboard

Propose/plan and organize various Kaizen seminar/training for EJUST management.

Propose/plan and organize Kaizen awareness raising/PR events in EJUST

Work with HR to coordinate and establish network with other Kaizen related initiative in Egypt and Africa/Middle East

Carry out any related activities

Plan / organize various kaizen seminars for post and under graduate student