LIMIT CONTRACTS for full time teaching

E-JUST is seeking to have LIMIT CONTRACTS for full time teaching assistants in the fields:

  • Electrical Engineering: Electronics; Communications; Power & Computer Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Design & Manufacture; Industrial; Energy/Power; Mechatronics & Robotics.
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering.
  • Basic & Applied Sciences: Physics; Chemistry; Mathematics.

Job Requirements, Benefits, and Term of References:

  • This job has two facts, one is be tutor/instructor for the undergraduate students in engineering education, and the second is to study Master of Science or PhD in engineering/ basic and applied sciences.
  • This post is fulltime job, and the contract duration is limited to 5 years maximum.
  • Accepted applicants should be enrolled to study M.Sc. or Ph.D. in E-JUST which is a MUST, NO Tuition fees will be required to the accepted applicants.
  • Applicant should have at least Bachelor degree or Master of Science in related disciplines.
  • Applicants with bachelor degree, their grades should not be less than very good with cumulative GPA above ≥ 3.
  • English proficiency evident by holding TOEFL (IBT) score ≥ 79, or IELTS score ≥ 6.5; valid certificates should have been completed no more than 2 years prior to the application.
  • Applicants should have teaching & research skills preferred evident by certification of attendance relevant workshops.
  • Applicants should pass recruitment (admission) exam and personal interview to be accepted;
  • Accepted applicants will receive Attractive salary package.
  • Medical care.
  • Accommodation (single or family) with special arrangements.
  • How to apply:

    For who interested to apply, please send recent CV, certificates and supportive documents on

    Please mention the title in the Email subject.