Minister of Higher Education Visits E-JUST

Akhbar Al-Youm Electronic Website
November 25th, 2019

Minister of Higher Education Visits E-JUST

On Monday November 25th, 2019, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHESR) Prof. Khaled Abd Al-Ghaffar takes a tour in Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST). The University is located in new Borg Al-Arab city – Alexandria.

The Minister was accompanied by E-JUST President Prof. Ahmed Al-Gohary, University Affairs Minister Deputy Dr. Amr Adly and Scientific Research Minister Deputy Dr. Yasser Refaat. Besides, Supreme Council of Universities (SCU) Secretary General Dr. Mohamed Lateef as well as Engineering Studies Sector Committee Chairman Dr. Abd Al-Hamid Shaira. In addition, E-JUST Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs and International Relations joined the tour. The esteemed guests also included representatives to both Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces and Ministry of Higher Education.

The tour entailed visiting E-JUST Administrative Building. The building includes; administrative offices, classrooms and computer labs. The Minister checked University Permanent headquarters with its associated lecture halls, offices, facilities and Central Research Laboratory Building.

Moreover, Prof. Khaled Abd Al-Ghaffar visited E-JUST Secondary Campus. The Campus includes; University Residences, E-JUST guest house and outdoor playgrounds. Not only does it include IT Data Center, Solar Power Plants and Japanese Garden but also Activities Hub building (squash courts, swimming pool, gymnasium).

Furthermore, H.E. the Minister listened to full E-JUST presentation. E-JUST Permanent Headquarters is established on an area of 200 acres and located in the Universities region – New Borg Al-Arab city. Not only the designs are environment friendly but also apply latest international systems and modern technologies, and managed electronically. The University buildings occupy only 17% of the total area. This design is based on having highly advanced technical infrastructure.

E-JUST headquarters first phase included 1 km service tunnel, power feeding plants, water tanks and control rooms. Execution process rate is 100% complete. Second phase entails establishing Center of Excellence, Central Library, 4 Engineering Schools, 4 lecture halls, Activities Hub and Administration Building.

Alongside the visit sidelines, the Minister praised E-JUST achievements. Thus, affirming the importance of its scientific, educational and research role in Egyptian society. In turn, reflects the huge investments made by the state to establish unique universities throughout Egypt. Subsequently, providing coherent educational environment as well as stimulating creativity and innovation. The Minister stated that these achievements have been carried out thanks to faithful efforts since the beginning of E-JUST establishment. Needless to mention continuous political leadership follow-up to implementation rates and work process.

Last but not least, E-JUST is an Egyptian governmental research based University. It is established within the framework of fruitful cooperation between both Egyptian and Japanese governments. E-JUST aims at providing modern academic programs. The University also targets establishing centers of excellence for basic and applied research science, which serves local and regional community. This can take place through promoting partnerships with academic and research institutions. The University has a partnership consortium with 15 of Japan’s leading universities.

The university started its first program study. In particular, engineering postgraduate studies for both masters and doctoral degrees. The first batch of postgraduate students were accepted in February 2010. In 2017, undergraduate students were enrolled into eight Engineering programs. In addition to two programs at the Faculty of International Business and Humanities. E-JUST includes the following postgraduate Engineering studies; Electronics and Communications, Computer Science, Electrical Power, Industrial and Manufacturing, Mechatronics, Materials Science, Chemical and Petrochemicals and Energy Resources. Also, different studying fields related to International Business Administration disciplines.