New Unit for Testing and Engineering Consultancy to Control the Building Materials Quality in Egypt-Japan University for Science and Technology

Prof. Ahmed El-Gohary, the president of Egypt-Japan University for Science and Technology, announced the commencement of a new unit for testing and engineering consultancy in the university, to be specialized in introducing the service of testing all building materials regarding construction works (concrete & steel), roads, soil, and foundation works. Moreover, it is specialized in providing technical consultancy for civil and national projects or equivalent to serve individuals, organizations, companies, and local communities inside and outside Egypt in collaboration with international organizations and companies.

In press statements on Sunday, the university president added that the new unit provides the service through distinguished scientific expertise in various construction engineering fields (planning, design, and a comprehensive study of varying-size projects: concrete/steel /composite structures); preparing the necessary executive plans and providing a full and periodic engineering consultancy service.

Prof. El-Gohary also stated that the structural laboratory department is specialized in testing laboratory samples as well as structural elements, in addition to conducting tests at the worksite. The unit provides its services in the geotechnical engineering field through multinational expertise in geotechnical earthquake engineering, focusing on the interaction of seismological soil structure and soil properties, assessment of soil liquefaction potential, and seismological stability for private projects.

Accordingly, Prof. Adel Rayan, Dean of the Faculty of International Business and Humanities at the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, said that the faculty offers 5 specializations in the new professional MBA program, including general specialization, finance, human resources, and marketing, explaining that the program provides students with a practical and scientific approach to preparing business leaders of the future through first-class curricula, and integrating scientific knowledge with the experiences of workers in business and industry institutions.

He explained that the eligibility for applying to the program includes obtaining a bachelor’s degree in the specialization, passing the English test, and passing the personal interview. He mentioned that there are 3 courses in accounting, management, and economics that would be taught to non-graduates of the Faculty of Commerce to be qualified to join the program.

In addition to that, he mentioned that the program is supervised by a group of Egyptian and Japanese professors to provide the student with the necessary skills to meet the needs of the labor market in various fields of business administration.