President El-Sisi’s Most Prominent Statements During His Inauguration of the “Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s official page published part of the President’s statements this morning during his inauguration of the Egypt-Japan University for Science and Technology in Borg El-Arab in Alexandria, in addition to a number of private universities and projects of the Ministries of Higher Education and Education.

The statements were as follows:

– We are witnessing a remarkable improvement in the level and status of education in Egypt.

– The situation has now changed, and we have universities opening for the first time.

– Skeptics of the state’s actions aim to overthrow the homeland.

– We do not aim to pressure the people by the reform measures, but rather seek national interest.

– The size of the universities and schools that were established during the last six years is more than what has happened in 40 years.

– Priority should be given to working mothers in the reduction of work attendance.

– Students in schools will attend two or three days to confront Corona.

– The state plans to double all it has to cope with the overpopulation within 30 years.

– I would like to thank those in charge of the educational sector for their role in developing curricula and the educational system.