Prof. Sameh Nada: Adhering to Precautions Measures Against COVID-19 is a Top Priority

Prof. Sameh Nada:Adhering to Precautions Measures Against COVID-19 is a Top Priority

Prof. Sameh Nada, Vice President of Education and Academic Affairs, has announced the start of the first semester (Fall 2020) exams at Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology on February 28th, 2021. He also stated the exam schedule was published on the internet portals and social media pages of the university. Additionally, the exam venues were prepared to hold 50% of their full capacity. He strictly directed school deans towards prioritizing precautionary measures to face COVID-19. These procedures include continuous supervision of sanitization of the exam rooms, lecture halls, and dormitories, ensuring all students and staff members wear protective masks, preventing student gatherings, preparing the medical clinics with first aid kits and necessary medications in case of emergency, and ensuring the presence of the medical staff.

Moreover, Prof. Nada assured that E-JUST is applying precautionary measures in the dormitories. Firstly, a single room has been allocated for each student. Secondly, the sanitizing gates are regularly checked to ensure efficiency. Thirdly, all buildings are regularly sanitized. Finally, providing a supply of sanitizers to fulfill the needs of the students throughout their stay in the dormitories