Prof. Sameh Nada: Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology Prepared for the First Semester Exams on February 20

Prof. Sameh Nada: Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology Prepared for the First Semester Exams on February 20

Adherence to the precautionary measures to confront Corona … and periodic sterilization of the exam venues

Students to return to the University dormitories on February 18th … one student per room

Sterilization of all rooms in the University dormitories, cafeterias and the Activities Hub

Clinics equipped with first aid to deal with any emergency situations

Prof. Sameh Nada – Vice President of the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology for Education and Academic Affairs confirmed that all preparations for the first semester exams, which will start on time on February 20th, have been completed. Exam venues and halls have been prepared and all precautionary measures have been implemented. Examination schedules for all students have been announced on the electronic portals and official pages of the University and examination halls have been prepared reducing their density by half.

The Vice President of the University indicated that it was emphasized to apply all precautionary and preventive measures to confront the Corona virus, in addition to following up on the sterilization and disinfection procedures for the corridors, examination venues, and dorms, in order to preserve the safety of students, faculty, and university employees.

Prof. Sameh Nada added that it was decided to receive students and accommodate them in the university dorms starting February 18th in preparation for the first semester exams of the academic year, and sterilization work has been completed for the residence rooms, pathways, activities’ building, dining halls and study areas.

Prof. Sameh Nada stressed the importance of applying preventive and precautionary measures in university dormitories, following up sterilization operations, and providing comfort for students inside the university housing. He emphasized the requirement to wearing masks and preventing student gatherings to maintain students’ health and safety, as well as equipping clinics with general first aid through doctors and nurses in addition to providing appropriate medication to cope with any emergency situations.

Prof. Sameh Nada added that all preventive measures have been taken, following up on the efficiency of sterilization gates and the extent of their readiness, including carrying out disinfection and sterilization work for the buildings during the previous period on a regular basis, as well as providing the necessary sterilization and personal disinfection supplies for the length of the students’ stay at the dorms.

Nada explained that each room accommodates only one student, stressing that upon the arrival of the students, they enter through the sterilization gate, where their bags and luggage are sterilized, and the students’ temperatures are measured by the medical team. It is also emphasized that students take into consideration the implementation of precautionary measures in their residence rooms and wherever they may linger.