Progirls 2018 Program Goethe Institute Alexandria – GIZ visits E-JUST

October 11th is known to be International Female Child Day. On Thursday October 11th, 2018, 5 female students (Sohaila Ahmed, Habiba Maher, Basmalah Mohsen, Seba Mohamed and Rokaya Yasser) visited E-JUST for their Girls Day.
Energy Resources, Environment, Chemical and Petrochemical (EECE) School Dean Prof. Mona Gamal El-Din welcomed the girls and gave an educational presentation. A video was displayed, highlighting importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math learning for the future. First Vice president for Regional and International Affairs (VPRIA) Prof. Masaaki Suzuki also welcomed the girls and discussed the strong role of learning Mathematics for the future. Another presentation was made by Electronic and Communication Engineering Department Chairperson Dr. Mohammad Sharaf introducing E-JUST academic programs for both undergraduate and post graduate curricula, as well as the facilities benefiting the students.

Moreover, the girls visited the Research Laboratories Building and learned about the new Solar Energy technology. The girls enjoyed visiting the Environmental Engineering Department and experiencing the lab facilities and studying tracks. Besides, went to the Chemical and Material Science Engineering Labs.

Goethe Institute Advisor Mrs. Sonja Drawes guided the students throughout the visit. Afterwards, that had a campus tour and knew more about the housing facilities. The female students learned more about the different academic programs and research areas in the management field and STEM. E-JUST organized this special day for the girls only. Finally, the visit was successful and truly helped in Raising Female interest for Technical and Managerial Learning.

*Girls and young women in Egypt are known to outperform males whether in schools or universities. Yet, but are under estimated in the workforce market, especially in technical and management careers. It is noteworthy to mention that 24.7% of Egyptian women are unemployed in comparison to 8.3 % of men. Furthermore, statistics show that 7.1 % of all managers are female while the average percentage of Egyptian women enrolled in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Universities studies is 43 %. Only 9 % of the Egyptian workforce are females.