Research Project at Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology for Digitizing the Skills Required by the Labor Market

An international research team participates in a project at the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology to develop digital training programs funded by the Francophone University Agency (AUF) with the aim of providing “job seekers” with the general skills required by the labor market locally and internationally.

Dr. Haytham El-Sayed, project manager and assistant professor of philosophy at the Liberal Arts and Culture Center (LACC) at the university, explained that the project, under the name of “OBTAIN”, is staffed by professors and experts in logic, linguistics, digitization and educational technology from the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, Lille University in France, and the Virtual University of Tunis in Tunis. He explained that the project is working on digitizing all basic and general skills and making them available to trainees remotely through a professional e-learning platform, along with a communication platform between graduates of these programs and the relevant authorities in the labor market (company and factories owners, banks, employment institutions, etc.) which will allow graduates to market their skills. It raises the percentage of their employability on the one hand, and on the other hand allows the concerned authorities to reach the appropriate employee for the job requirements.

He added that the digital training programs target 13 packages of general and basic skills (such as: logical thinking skills and problem solving, effective communication, leadership, planning and organization, teamwork, commercial awareness … etc.). The project also targets “those outside the Department of Education, Employment and Training (NEETs)”, which is the group of youth between 15-24 years old, whose presence in Egypt alone exceeds about 35%, which confirms the importance of the university’s role in community service by providing these training programs.