Rowan Ambassador Visit to E-JUST

On Tuesday September 9th, 2018 E-JUST President Prof. Ahmed Al-Gohary welcomed El-Sheikh Saleh Habimana Rowan Ambassador in Cairo. Both parties discussed means of cooperation between International Cooperation and both E-JUST and Rowan Universities; benefiting from African students’ grants from the Japanese government and JICA. Besides, benefiting from the experience of applying Japanese methods in education, which is based on scientific and laboratory experiment.

Prof. Ahmed Al-Gohary stated that E-JUST in coordination JICA receives postgraduate applications from African students. The Engineering programs include; Electronics and Communications, Computer Science, Robotics and Mechatronics, Innovative Design and Systems Management, Materials Science, Energy Resources, Environmental, Chemical and Petrochemical studies. In addition, Basic and Applied Sciences, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Energy Resources, Mathematics and Energy Resources science.

Moreover, Prof. Al-Gohary confirmed on the importance of introducing advanced technologies to both Egyptian and African students. Also, training them on logical thinking techniques in the Science field. Thus, motivating them and supporting innovation and creativity.