Studying in ElGalala,Salman,ElAlamen universities next year

ElGomhoria news paper
Issue No. 24179
Page 12

Dr. Khaled Abdul-Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, looked over a report submitted by Dr. Mohamad Eltayeb, Assistant Minister and Secretary-General of the Council of Foreign Universities Branches, on the Ministry’s media campaign of the national projects. The report highlighted that the views of the song “Edres Fe Baladna”, Study in Our Country, published on social media websites on March 7, 2020 exceeded 3 million views in addition to the great interaction of Egyptians, Arabs, and Africans with the song.

The report also indicated that the campaign is in light of the instructions of the president of Egypt towards the necessity of adopting professional media campaigns to inform the Egyptian people and sister countries of what the Egyptian country has accomplished; 39 projects with completion ratio of 70%, in the higher education and scientific research field, i.e. the new national universities (Galala University, King Salman International Universities, Alamain International University) which will start in September 2020. Those universities are considered huge scientific edifices created based on the latest international standards in addition to the novelty of the programs offered at these universities that qualify the graduate students for both the local and international labor markets. Also, other projects include technological universities i.e. New Cairo, Quesna, Bani-Sowaif, which are a remarkable leap in technology education, and Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, which reflects cooperation with the Japanese side in different scientific and research fields. Those projects showcase the interest, vision, and the strategy of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research towards improving and upgrading both technical and technological education.