The accepted and active new projects 2020

  • Prof. Mohsen Ghali has started a new grant “Improving the optical quality of white light emitting diode lamps “ funded by ASRT, Total Budget 1.740.000 EGP.
  • Prof. Mohsen Ghali has recived the acceptance of new grant “ Building Laboratory for Quantum Dots Control Air Pollution” funded by STDF. Total budget for the project 9.663.800 EGP.

  • Prof. Ahmed Elshazly has strated a new grant “New Innovative Thermal system for improving the performance of HCPV cell and its application in solar desalination system” funded by STDF, Total budget 2.100.000 EGP.

  • Prof. Ahmed El-Mahdy has started a new project “Velocity Map Generation from Seismic Data Using Deep Learning Techniques” supported by Bright Skies company.