The Egypt-Japan University is Making International Progress According to Scimago Rankings

The Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology in Alexandria – Borg El-Arab – obtained an advanced position, locally and internationally, according to the Spanish Scimago rankings in research performance, scientific research outputs and societal impact for the previous year.

Prof. Ahmed El-Gohary – President of the University – said that this position was acquired by the University according to the rankings of the international research organization Scimago, a classification that depends on research performance, innovation outputs and societal impact. He stressed that the University will continue to support the system of scientific study and research, and will continue its role in cooperation with local, regional and international universities, to apply the Japanese model in education that depends on practical applications and innovation. Prof. El-Gohary pointed out that the University is one of the beacons of science and knowledge in Egypt and represents a model of a fruitful cooperation between the governments of Egypt and Japan, which will have a significant impact in advancing the university educational system in Egypt.

It is worth noting that the Scimago index is considered one of the important indicators that compare the performance of countries in international scientific publishing, the calculation of the number of published researches, the calculation of citations and the percentage of citations for each research. Among the main indicators are the research impact index, the innovation impact index, and the societal impact index.