The Museum of Fine Arts and the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology Discuss Development Plan for the Museum’s Visual Identity

The Museum of Fine Arts in Alexandria will organize a webinar next Friday on the development of the museum in cooperation with the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, through a live broadcast via its page on “Facebook”, within the framework of the Ministry of Culture initiative “Stay at home .. Culture between your hands”.

Mr. Ali Said, Director of the Museum of Fine Arts in Alexandria, said that the webinar aims to discuss proposed ideas and visions to develop the museum’s visual identity and explain the history of the museum and its collection as part of Alexandria’s cosmopolitan cultural heritage. Additionally, it aims to set a development plan that will help improve visitor experience within galleries, by creating a new and modern visual identity for the museum and applying more interpretation on galleries and museum halls, while developing a preventive conservation scheme to preserve the museum’s precious collection.

Mr. Said pointed out that the Museum of Fine Arts is considered the first specially built museum to specialize in fine arts in Egypt and the Middle East, and includes a large collection of pioneering Egyptian artists, in addition to some works of the Romantic, Baroque, Rococo, and Oriental schools. It also includes some examples of works of Egyptian and European artists. The collection displayed by the museum includes artworks dating back from the 17th century to the 20th century, which is a wonderful educational example of the history of art and the course of change experienced in the past five centuries.