University Distribution – E-JUST Opens Admission Door to High School Students

Akhbar Al-Youm gate Electronic Website
June 20th, 2019

University Distribution – E-JUST Opens Admission Door to High School Students

Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) President Prof. Ahmed El Gohary, stated that admission is now open to high school students and equivalent certificates through the University’s website until July 31st, 2019.

Prof. Al-Gohary elaborated that E-JUST studies include two faculties; Engineering and Business Administration. Faculty of Engineering departments are; Electronics and Communications, Computer Science, Electrical Power, Industrial and Manufacturing, Mechatronics, Materials Science, Chemical and Petrochemicals and Energy Resources Engineering fields. Faculty of International Business Management majors are; accounting and Information Systems in addition to Human Resources Management.

E-JUST admission criteria admission in the Faculty of Engineering is to have a minimum of 80% for high school students / equivalent certificates. Besides, a minimum of 75% for STEM school students. As for International Business Administration, a minimum of 70% for high School students and a minimum of 65% for STEM school students.
Prof. Al-Gohary illustrated that undergraduate students enrollment in the University does not depend solely on high school graduation percentage. It also depends on E-JUST Faculty of Engineering (FoE) entrance exams. FoE entrance exams include; Mathematics 1, Chemistry, Physics, English and Logical Thinking. As for International Business Administration entrance exams, students should pass English Language and Logical Thinking.

It is worth mentioning that E-JUST was established in 2009 as an Egyptian governmental University of a special nature in partnership with the Japanese government. It aims at using Japanese educational systems. In addition, Japanese academic concepts based on laboratory methods in education and learning based research projects. The University targets offering modern academic programs and establishing Centers of Excellence for Basic and Applied Research. Thus, serving both local and regional community through partnerships with major Japanese Academic and Research institutions. Industrial companies are served as well in order to carry out applied research and applying Japanese technologies.

E-JUST is preparing to open the University’s 200-acre permanent campus in new Borg Al-Arab city. The campus is designed to meet the latest technology on an international level. It shall be an eco-friendly campus with e-smart management. Constructions of the campus are 17% from the total land area. The design is based on providing technically advanced infrastructure. Moreover, the Egyptian government bears all campus construction costs. Whereas the Japanese side, represented by Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), provides all technical support and laboratory equipment. Therefore, reflecting a model partnership between the two countries in both education and scientific research fields.