With Careful Precautionary Measures” the Egypt-Japan University for Science and Technology begins End of Academic Year Examinations

Thursday morning, July 2, 2020, final exams started at the Egypt-Japan University for Science and Technology, which are scheduled to end on the 29th of July. The exams are being taken by three levels enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty International Business and Humanities, with a total number of 310 students distributed upon 20 examination halls with a maximum of 15 students each. Each batch will undergo exams during a separate week in order to achieve optimal social distancing and for the safety of the students.

Prof. Sameh Nada – Vice President of the University for Education and Academic Affairs said that the University provides the highest levels of safety for students, faculty members, their assistants, and university employees, by following all necessary precautionary measures in accordance with the standards of the World Health Organization and the Egyptian Ministry of Health. He stressed that gatherings will be prohibited on the University campus. He also emphasized the importance of organizing the students’ entry into and exit from the examination halls and university buses, taking into account the entry and departure of students chronologically without scrambling or crowding.

Prof. Ahmed El-Gohary – President of the University stressed that the precautionary measures were carried out in two phases. The first phase aimed at taking all precautionary and preventive measures before the students’ arrival at the University’s headquarters, where the dormitories, the University’s various restaurants, and all examination halls were completely sterilized. Students were given a medical checkup and accommodated in separate apartments, taking into account the utmost levels of precaution. The university also provides fresh meals for students and delivers them to their apartments to avoid gathering during meals. The second stage incorporates measures before and during the entry of students into the examination halls whereby their temperature is measured by digital thermometers at the university. Students are obliged to wear masks and prohibited from exchanging stationary during the exam or crowding in the vicinity of the examination halls. The University is also providing isolation venues in case of a suspected infection with the Coronavirus in addition to providing an ambulance and medical staff present at the University 24 hours.