Paper publications

Paper publications

The graph below indicates of Journal/International Conference publications from 2010 to October 2019 as E-JUST.

The figure below is the Annual publication rate per researcher

The table below is the journal publication by School and Department.

The table below is the International Conference publications by school and Department.

The following is a history of co-author publications with JSC.
The co-author papers rate with Japanese are 29.4% for Journal and International conferences as E-JUST from Jan. 2019 to September 2019. As a total, 28.6% papers are co-authors with E-JUST and JSC. BAS, FIBH and LACC papers are not included in this statistics.

Post graduate students advised by JSC

The following table shows that how many students are studying in E-JUST as Post Graduate and how many Japanese Co-Supervisor and Advisors are assigned to those students and their ratio.