The following figure is the history of patents filed by E-JUST researchers.
There are 50 patents filed up to 2020 among them, 47 are national patents and 3 are USA patents. E-JUST got the first granted patent in Jan. 2019 since it was established. The patent number is 28928 and was filed in May 2015

The following figure shows the number of patents filed for each Department from 2014 to 2020

The followings are patents filed in 2020.There are 10 patents filed by EJUST members in 2020.

Name of the Invention Inventors Filing Number Filing Date Filing Place
Multi-colored and Mono-dispersed Fluorescent Nano-Dots from Egyptian Prickly Pear Nopales and Method” Prof. Mohsen Ghali

Eng. Mohamed Sami.


285/2020 13/2/2020 EGYPT
Optical sensing of Hazardous Materials using Blue light Emissive Quantum Dots Prof. Mohsen Ghali.

Eng. Yasmin Bakier.


286/2020 13/2/2020 EGYPT
Electronic valence-band barrier using ultra-small quantum dots for highly efficient solar cells and method Prof. Mohsen Ghali

Eng. Abdallah Mohamed Rizk

692/2020 18/5/2020 EGYPT
One-Pot Green Synthesis of Graphene Nanosheets Prof. Mohsen Ghali


691/2020 18/5/2020 EGYPT
System and Method for During Crash Accident Detection and Notification Ahmed Hazem Mohamed Rashid Elmahdy

Mohamed Abdelaziz Khamis Omar

Kholoud Osama Helmi Abdelsalam Shata

Walid Elsayed Ali Gomaa




9/6/2020 Egypt
Method for the preparation of the hybrid structure as low-cost security marker for anti-counterfeiting Prof. Mohsen Ghali

Eng. Ahmed El Sayed

1101/2020 28/7/2020 Egypt
Vision Enabled Sanitization dispenser New PC Planer

Ehab G. Shenoud,

Maha. M. Elsabrouty,

Ahmed Allam,

Mohamed AbdelRaouf


1349/2020 8/09/2020 EG
Synthesis and characterization of 70S30 sol-gel bioglass nanoparticles derived super-hydrophilic Bioactive coating on titanium substrate using electrophoretic deposition technique Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University and E-JUST


Maged Ahmed

Rahaf Moustafa,

Mona Marie,

Mohamed Gepreel,

Ahmed Alshimy

1391/2020 14/9/2020  






Fabrication of an eco-friendly nano-magnetic bio-Metal Organic Framework (MIP-202 MOF) polymeric composite membrane for wastewater remediation Marwa Farouk Mahmoud Elkady

Eslam Sobhy Tawfik Salama

Kamal Essam Kamal Diab

Hassan Shokry Hassan Ahmed

1600/2020 13/10/2020 EG
Phosphorus Graphene few sheets and method of making


Mohsen Ghali

Samar Aboulhadeed Gaber

1761/2020 10/11/2020 EG