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Required Documents for Application


Applicants must submit the following documents (SCANNED Copies) that should be attached to the Online Application Form:

# Document
1 Affiliated Faculty Nomination Letter Attach the Affiliated faculty/Research Center Approval to Apply for EJUST Scholarship (for MoHE applicants only)
2 Application Form Attach the Signed Application Form
3 Statement of Purpose Attach a Statement of your reasons for applying for E-JUST
4 Updated Job Status Updated Job status including First Hiring date as a
demonstrator( for MoHE applicants only)
5 BSc. and MSc. Certificate(s) – English For M.Sc. Applicants: Attach the B.Sc. Certificate
For Ph.D. Applicants: Attach B.Sc. and MSc. Certificates
6 BSc. and MSc. Transcript – English For MSc. Applicants: Attach the B.Sc. Transcripts
For PhD. Applicants: Attach B.Sc. and M.Sc. Transcripts
7 M.Sc. Summary – English For PhD. Applicants: Attach the M.Sc. Summary in English.
8 Three Letters of Recommendation Attach three letters of recommendation from professors or ex-advisors in the applicant’s affiliating university/academic institution
9 International TOFEL score 79 or Academic IELTS 6.5 Attach the International TOEFL score 79, or Academic ILETS 6.5
10 Personal Photograph Attach one personal photograph (size 4×6 cm, upper half of body, full-faced, hatless) taken within the past 6 months.
11 Military Certificate Attach the Military Certificate (needed during registration)
12 National ID Card Attach the National ID Card and Passport if available
13 Marriage Certificate For Married Applicants: Attach the marriage certificate
14 Children Birth Certificates For Married Applicants: Attach the Children Birth Certificates