Research areas and topics

Research Areas and Topics

In Conservation Science

  • Assessment of Cleaning and Consolidation Materials and Methods
  • Assessment of Conservation Treatments and Procedures
  • Documentation and Visualization
  • Material Characterization, Analysis and Diagnosis
  • Preservation and Conservation Polices and Standards
  • Scientific Interpretation and Community Engagement
  • Conservation planning and management of built heritage
  • Construction pathology and rehabilitation technology
  • Historic urban landscape

In Museum Management:

  • Collection Management
  • Interpretation of Material Culture in the context of Museum Collection
  • Communication Management
  • Development of Exhibition
  • Museum Education
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Community Engagement
  • Heritage Utilization
  • Museum Hospitality
  • Mission / Administration Management
  • Museum Policy and Guideline
  • Accounting, Finance and Human Resources in the context of Museum Administration