Research Projects

Serial Funding Source Project title Project Type PI Co-PI Department Duration Starting Date
1 ASRT National Microelectronics Testing Facility Capacity Building Mohammed Sharaf Sayed Adel Abd-Elrahman,Ahmed Allam ECE 24 months 9/1/2017
2 NTRA Super-Hets: Empowering 5G networks Ahmed ElMahdy ECE-WRC 2 years 9/1/2017
3 NTRA Cognitive Radio Cloud (CRC): Enabling a Collaborative Environment for Cognitive Radio Research Research Mustafa Elnainany, AlexU Mustafa Youssef WRC 2 years 8/1/2017
4 NTRA EEE122: The Egyptian Enhanced Emergency Public Safety Service Research Mustafa Youssef WRC 2 years 8/1/2017
5 Borg El Arab Cluster – ITIDA BusTrack CAPL Improvement Research to Improve an Existing Project Ahmed El-Mahdy Khaled El-Amrawy (Industrial Partner) CSE 1 year 8/1/2017
6 JST-JICA Flash Floods Integrated Management Considering Climate Change for Secured Development in Wadi Basins Applied Ahmed Tawfik Co-ordinator Kyoto university Ahmed Tawfik ( Egyptian Partner ) EVN 5 years 6/1/2017
7 CRDF Global Chemical Security Improvement Grants Mona Ibrahim Norhan Nady ENV 6 MONTHS 5/30/2017
8 RDI IoT for Aquaculture Applied Dr. Maha Elsabrouty Dr. Ahmed Allam Dr. Amin Shokry Dr. Ahmed Tawfik ECE-WRC 1 year 4/1/2017
9 ASRT Development of Technological Know How and Plant Engineering For the Production of High Purity Alumina from Kaolin, Aluminum Fluoride from Fluorosilicic Acid and Heavy Metals Extraction from Phosphoric Acid Chemical Industry Ahmed Elshazly Marwa Elkady CPE 30 months 4/1/2017
10 Google HyRise: Robust and Accurate Multi-Sensor Fusion-based Floorplan Estimation Gift Mustafa Youssef WRC 2 years 3/31/2017
11 Pharco Innovation Cluster in Borg Elarab Applied Dr. Maha Elsabrouty ECE-WRC 5 years 3/1/2017
12 STDF Intensive culturing of Gilthead sea bream juvenile in RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) Research Ahmed Tawfik EVN 3/1/2017
13 Pharco coorporation Pharco Research Grant Mona Ibrahim ENV 1 year 2/1/2017
14 ITIDA Estabilishing Innovation Cluster in Borg El-arab Maha Elsabrouty CINTECH 5 years 1/4/2017
15 Google Collaborative Multi-Floor Ubiquitous RF-based Indoor Localization Research Mustafa Youssef WRC  N/A 1/1/2017
16 IBM Second Egypt-Japan Workshop on Practical Education for Mechatronics and Robotics Joint Research Prof. Abdelfatah Mohamed MTR 2016-2017 12/1/2016
17 NTRA Hardware Accelerators for HEVC Encoder in Video Conferencing and Surveillance Applications Research Mohammed Sharaf Sayed Ahmed Shalaby ECE 30 months 10/1/2016
18 STDF Studying structure and chemistry within and at the interfaces of nano lamella in cold rolled Ti-alloys using Transmission Electron Microscopy to determine reason behind its superior strength Joint Research/mobility Mohamed Gepreel Dr. Somnath Bhattacharyya (India) MSE 2 years 10/1/2016
19 STDF-JSPS Purification unit – Fayoum Ahmed Tawfik ENV 2 year 5/14/2016
20 ASRT Sustainable and Innovative Full Scale Technology (400 m3/d) for Domestic Wastewater Treatment In Rural Areas Applied Ahmed Tawfik EVN 20 month 5/1/2016
21 ITIDA Automatic Crowd Scene Analysis and Anomaly Detection From Video Surveillance Cameras Research Walid Gomaa Mohamed Hussein CSE 1 year 4/1/2016
22 ASRT Thoth: An Automatic Dynamic Binary Parallelisation System Ahmed El mahdy ECE 2 years 2/1/2016
23 STDF WSN for agriculture Applied Dr. Ahmed Allam Dr. Maha Elsabrouty Dr. Ahmed Shalaby ECE 3 years 12/1/2015
24 STDF Construction of prototype filtration cell using novel nano-magnetic metal oxide polymeric hybrid membrane for water remediation National Challenges Program Marwa Elkady Ahmed Elshazly CPE 2years 5/20/2015
25 STDF Design and Development of a new innovative unit for treatment of wastewater discharged from petrochemical industries using electrical D.C and Pulsed power system National Challenges Program Ahmed Elshazly Abd El-rhman CPE 2years 5/20/2015
26 STDF Enhancement of hydrogen production from gelatin wastewater via anerobic consortium bacteria immobilized on the nanoparticles Ahmed Tawfik ENV 2 years 1/21/2015
27 ASRT Micro Fabrication center of excellence Capacity Building grant Dr. Ahmed M. R. Fath-EL-Bab MTR 2 years 11/11/2014
28 ASRT Micro Fabrication for Improved Micro Sensors Mobility grant Dr. Ahmed M. R. Fath-EL-Bab MTR 1 year 7/1/2014
29 ITCP Computable Analysis Mobility Walid Gomaa CSE 5 years 1/1/2014
30 IBM Robot and Innovative Sensors for Humanitarian Landmine detection EJUST-Italy joint project. Mobility Prof. Abdelfatah Mohamed Dr. Mohamed Fanni MTR 2013-2017 6/1/2013
31 STDF Innovation of Sewage Treatment Technology for Agricultural Reuse in Arid Region Ahmed Tawfik EVN 5years 3/1/2012
32 National Institute of Informatics, Japan Design and Implementation of Low Cost Ladar Systems for Crash Avoidance Research Dr Ahmed Abou-Auf Dr Hossam Shalaby ECE 9 Months 8/1/2011
33 NTRA First-principles electronic structure calculation of piezoresistive effect of nanoscale material and its application to nanosensors PI: funded by STDF-JST, for two years 50,000 $, 2014, running. Reseach Ahmed Abd El-Moneim MSE 2 Years
34 Pahrco B “Development of nanoparticle catalysts supported on graphene for high activity and selectivity Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis of liquid fuels”, Research Ahmed Abd El-Moneim MSE 2 Years