About Track

In line with the E-JUST vision, mission and resources and considering social needs, the Heritage Science Graduate Program will cultivate individuals capable of making practical contributions to society using the sense of responsibility and ethics expected of high-level professionals and intensive knowledge and skills of science and technology. The Heritage Science program, in partnership with other related institutes, offers a practical education that connects theory with practice. Students coming from a diverse range of disciplines and working fields will receive a flexible, practice-based and research-grounded education, including Zemi seminars and fieldwork.

The term “heritage” reflects a shift in emphasis that has taken place during the past few decades toward recognizing that material culture embodies both tangible and intangible qualities. The sustainable use of cultural and natural heritage with access to technology and scientific interpretation will enhance conservation and management practices and add various value, meaning and function to the heritage material. Due to new challenges, scientific developments and the necessity of community engagement in Egypt as well as Arabic and African countries, heritage studies graduates now are required to gain fresh perspectives and have an awareness of many cultural, historical, material, political, religious, social and other values.

In particular, Heritage Science focuses on issues such heritage interpretation, access, conservation and management. Heritage Science research transcend the boundaries of arts, humanities, science and engineering, and thus provides a powerful platform exploring the links between technology and history, conservation and access, tangible and intangible heritage, as well as current and ancient culture.

This program draws together teaching from a wide range of disciplines, to investigate the application of technologies to the humanities, arts and heritage. The graduate programs of this track will reflect the academic interests of the students focusing on different subjects depending on the student’s area of interest. Students will develop a unique, interdisciplinary understanding of the state-of-the art science and heritage materials within their historical, artistic, and cultural heritage contexts.

This Interdisciplinary track will provide great flexibility and choice across the breadth of E-JUST’s teaching expertise and museum practitioners, offering engagement with stakeholders with the range and depth of knowledge needed in heritage science with real implementation of the research results.

Students will take advantage of the program’s unique position as a laboratory-based inter-disciplinary program and work with international tutors and senior heritage professionals to preserve and manage cultural and natural heritage in accordance with the specialization of the program. Students will get involved with indigenous projects according to the standards of international organizations.