Study system and preparatory courses foe

Study system and preparatory courses

Faculty of Engineering

Study System

The total number of credit hours is 36 credit hours for the MSc program, and 48 credit hours for the PhD program distributed among the Preparatory courses, Program compulsory core courses, Research specific elective courses and thesis courses

The students cannot register the research elective courses before successfully finishing the preparatory and the program compulsory core courses.

The research point, research plan and the supervision committee of the student are suggested by the school council to be approved by the education and the university councils after the student successfully completes the preparatory courses, Program compulsory core and fulfills the English language requirements.

Preparatory Courses:

The objectives of the preparatory courses are:

  • To cover the deficiencies of E-JUST PG applicants in the basic research skills, English languages, computer programming, statistics and liberal arts.
  • To prepare E-JUST PG students to the required nature of PG study in E-JUST including Japanese culture, Japanese language, Arabic language for international students, Research and Publications ethic and method.
  • To make the PG students familiar with E-JUST labs, center of excellences and professors before registering the point of research and before the formation of the supervision committee. This will help the student in the proper selection of the research point and supervision committee.

The student has to successfully finish the preparatory courses  and program core courses before the registration of the point of research and the formation of the supervision committee.

In case the student registers PhD after getting MSc from E-Just, he/she will be exempted from the preparatory courses.