TMD center

Technology Management Department at E-JUST was established to link between the research and educational activities for students, researchers, and faculty members. Based on this, many highly advanced equipment and software were already installed at different sites for E-JUST programs. Meanwhile, different centers for Analysis, Manufacturing, Computer, Electronics, Nanotechnology, Micro/Nano Fabrications, and Solar Energy are under current establishment for more future achievements.


Management of common research/educational equipment
Operation of common functional centers closely working with COE of the university
Analysis / measurement / material test services
Manufacture and trial manufacture of device
Consultation and training regarding analysis and manufacturing methods
Operation and administration for science and technology experimental education utilizing the common research/educational equipment
Development and preparation of the experimental education programs
Planning and execution of training course for utilization of advanced research equipment
Promotion of cooperative research project between labs/programs and outside organizations
Preparation of advanced research/educational equipment procurement plan
Maintenance planning and coordination
Lab safety/crisis management and education
Chemical compounds/hazardous materials management
Waste liquid including harmful compounds treatment