Computer Science and Engineering is a field that addresses both the hardware and software design of computer systems which are relevant to the many applications of computing technology that arise in the market place. Computer engineers are involved in areas such as the design, installation, maintenance and development of computer-based systems on a broad scale. A computer professional should be aware of recent developments in hardware and software and be able to deal with advances in such technology.

Specialization outcomes

  1. Understanding of the theory and concepts underlying computer science and engineering.
  2. Ability to analyze a problem and identify the computing requirements for its solution.
  3. Ability to implement a computer-based system, process, component or program.
  4. Ability to evaluate, verify, trouble-shoot, test and analyze an existing computer-based system, process, component or program.
  5. Ability to write clear system documentation, user documentation and research reports
  6. Understanding of the impact of computing technology on society and the key ethical issues affecting computer science and the responsibilities of computer professionals.


Compulsory Courses (each course, possibly with its lab, weights 3 credit hours)

  • CSE 311 Computer Organization
  • CSE 312 Discrete Structures
  • CSE 313 Advanced Programming
  • CSE 314 Advanced Programming Lab
  • ECE 314 Signals and Systems & ECE 315 Signals and Systems Lab
  • CSE 315 Seminar on CSE
  • CSE 317 Data Structures
  • CSE 321 Project Based Learning on CSE
  • CSE 322 Software Engineering & CSE 323 Software Engineering Lab
  • CSE 324 Embedded Systems
  • CSE 325 Embedded Systems Lab
  • CSE 326 Analysis and Design of Algorithms
  • CSE 328 Computer Networks & CSE 329 Computer Networks lab
  • CSE 411 Cryptography
  • CSE 412 Operating Systems & CSE 413 Operating Systems lab
  • CSE 414 Parallel and Distributed Computing & CSE 415 Parallel and Distributed Computing lab.
  • CSE 416 Theory of Computation

CSE Electives: (each course (possibly with its lab) weights 3 credit hours):

  • CSE 421 Advanced Computer Networks
  • CSE 422 Programming Languages and Compilers
  • CSE 423 Computer Graphics and Visualization
  • CSE 424 Advanced Embedded Systems
  • CSE 425 Intelligent Systems
  • ECE 432 Digital VLSI Modeling and Design
  • ECE 324 Digital Signal Processing & ECE 325 Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • CSE 426 Human Computer Interaction
  • CSE 427 Computer and Network Security
  • CSE 428 Data Engineering
  • CSE 429 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
  • CSE 431 Advanced Computer Architecture
  • CSE 432 Robotics
  • CSE 433 Emerging Topics in Computer Science and Engineering
  • CSE 434 Machine Learning
  • CSE 435 Performance Evaluation

Graduation Project

  • CSE 410 Senior Project (6 Credits)
  • CSE 420 Senior Project (6 Credits)

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