Energy Resources Engineering Program (ERE)

Sustainable Energy and Environmental issues are the greatest threat to our planet this century. There is evidence that relates climate change to consumption of Energy; in particular, large Power stations.
The Energy Resources Engineering Program is intended to provide state of the art education in conventional and Renewable Energy Resources and its conversion by means of economically and environmentally sustainable system and technology. The Program is interdisciplinary in nature; it contains mechanical, electric, and environmental subjects which contribute to the basic understanding and advances in energy and environment.

Specialization outcomes   

  1. Evaluate the sustainability and environmental issues related to mechanical power systems.
  2. Use energy efficiently.
  3. Apply industrial safety.
  4. Apply and integrate knowledge, understanding and skills of different subjects and available computer software to solve real problems in industries and power stations.
  5. Lead or supervise a group of engineers, technicians and work force.
  6. Carry out preliminary designs of fluid transmission and power systems, investigate their performance and solve their essential operational problems.
  7. Design, operate and maintain internal combustion and steam engines.


Core Courses (courses weight 2 or 3 credit hours)

ERE 311 Project Based Learning on ERE
ERE 312 Fluid Mechanics (2)
ERE 313 Thermodynamics (2)
ERE 314 Numerical Methods for Engineers
ERE 315  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
ERE 316 Experimental Methods for Engineers
ERE 321 Seminar on ERE
ERE 322 Combustion and Air Pollution
ERE 323  Power Stations
ERE 324 Basics of Renewable Energy
ERE 325 Solar Energy
ERE 411  Design of Thermal and Energy Systems
ERE 412  Sustainable Energy
ERE 421 Energy Storage and Transmission
ERE 422 Energy Conversion and Management
ERE 450  Industrial Training

Elective Courses: (Each course weights 3 credit hours

ERE 413 Hydraulic Machines and Hydraulic Stations
ERE 414 Desalination Technology
ERE 415 Energy Systems and Power Plants and Economics
ERE 316 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
ERE 417 Safety Codes and Environmental Laws
ERE 418  Project Management
ERE 419 Basics of Electrical Power and Smart Grid
ERE 423 Energy Systems
ERE 424 Energy Efficient Buildings
ERE 425 Energy Economics
ERE 426 Nuclear Power Plants
ERE 427 Gas Turbines
ERE 428 Diesel Engines
ERE 429 Electric Power and Machines
ERE 430 Turbines and Compressors
ERE 431  Thermal-Hydraulic Power Plants
ERE 432 Heat Exchangers
ERE 433 Statistical Analysis
ERE 434 Energy Resources Engineering


Graduation Project Thesis:

  • ERE 410 Senior Project Thesis (4 Credits)
  • ERE 420 Senior Project Thesis (4 Credits)

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