Entrance Exam

Entrance Exam Structure:

The Entrance Exam covers the following subjects (4 sections):

  1. Math I & II
  2. Logical Thinking.
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics.
  5. English language

All sections are mandatory.

All questions are in multiple-choice format.

The exams do not reflect a specific curriculum.

The exams are designed to measure the students’ basic knowledge and understanding of relevant concepts

Each exam question will be presented in both English and Arabic.

Each subject will be carried out independently for one-hour duration

The maximum grade of each subject is 100

Download sample questions for each subject module from the following

FOE Math Sample Exam English

FOE Math Sample Exam Arabic

Logical Thinking Sample Exam English

Logical Thinking Sample Exam Arabic

Chemistry Sample Exam English

Chemistry Sample Exam Arabic

Physics Sample Exam English

Physics Sample Exam Arabic

English Language Sample Exam

Applicants are required to arrive at E-JUST exam hall 30 minutes ahead of the first subject starting time.

 Exam Instructions

Please answer ALL questions to the best of your abilities and make sure to write legibly and choose your answers clearly using an HB pencil not a pen

Applicants are not allowed to use notes and, Mobile phones should be switched off

Applicants are not allowed to leave the exam room during each exam period and will have to stay till the end of each exam

Calculators are allowed.

There are questions on both the front and back of the exam’s page

Each subject contribute 25 % of the total marks (400 marks).

Applicants will be provided with exam paper and answer sheet

Exam questions will be collected back.

Applicants are not allowed to enter the exam class room after half time of the first exam period.

Applicants are not allowed to leave the exam before the end time of each exam subject period.