Undergraduate Admission is now open for transfer students

Undergraduate Admission is now open for transfer students – Spring 2021

It’s our pleasure to announce that we’re accepting transfer students (with 100 Tuition waiver scholarships) from Egyptian Governmental universities, to the undergraduate program of our Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of International Business and Humanities to complete the academic year 2020-2021, starting from the second semester (7th of March 2021).

We also announce that scholarships (100% tuition waiver) are available now, under the following conditions:
1- The student must obtain Thanwaya Amma from STEM school or Governmental Secondary Schools in 2019 or 2020 with grade 90% at least.
2- The student must pass E-JUST’s entrance exam that will be held in end of February 2021.
3- Students are exempted from studying the courses corresponding to the courses that have been studied in the previous university, after making the necessary clearing and submitting the required documents.
4- The student should be in the preparatory year or first year For Faculty of engineering and first year for International Business and Humanities.
5- The student should not have grade F (Fail) in any course of his current university.

You can apply through our website: