Welcome to EJUST

Welcome to E-JUST

Welcome to E-JUST, where you can enjoy unique international learning environment in Africa and the Middle East.

E-JUST was established in 2009, based on the agreement between the Egyptian and the Japanese governments. Since the university first days E-JUST was given full autonomy to be a university of excellence in all dimensions, thanks to the full support provided from the relevant authorities from Egypt and Japan.

E-JUST consider the excellence and the continuous enhancement in all its activities, research, teaching and learning, and community services. As being research oriented higher education institute, E-JUST acknowledge the satisfactory achievements of the university researchers that have never being preceded in Egypt, when calculated as scientific production per scholar. This includes internationally scientific publications and innovative patents.
Similarly the unique campuses (secondary and main), state-of-the art equipment, facilities and laboratories are key elements helping us attain such a profound position within various academic and research fields. With programs fostering critical thinking, professional skills and innovation, we are certain that our students will emerge as leaders of the business who will help shape the world of tomorrow and create changes.

Our partnership with leading Japanese universities has enabled us to incorporate the finest academic and administrative abilities in both countries to establish a unique university in every aspect. By adopting the concept of student center approach, active and self-learning we create highly knowledgeable individuals who are motivated to seek excellence and strive for perfection in a vibrant educational experience.

Our university is recognized for its outstanding academic programs and small classes, where students are given the opportunity to be taught and mentored by professors, gradually incorporating them into a cynosure of profound educational excellence. They become a crucial part of E-JUST family and hence an essential factor in the growth and development of the university. In addition, cultural horizons are expanded and nurtured through co-teaching with affiliated Japanese universities and study abroad programs. We aim to build more than just a graduate, we build character.

Our dedication to success and community service also gives us a prominent standing in the Borg El-Arab community where we are currently situated, yet our services are bound to reach farther than the outskirts of Alexandria. As part of this energetic region, E-JUST has the advantage of both benefiting from and serving this community and vast industrial zone forming an understanding that no entity succeeds independent of others; a belief we nurture in our students and pass it on to our community.
So, with great pride I welcome you to join our commitment toward excellence; to commence a journey of knowledge expansion, exploring new horizons and reaching new depths.
I welcome you to E-JUST…

Prof. Ahmed ElGohary
E-JUST President